Castor Oil for fuller and longer eyelashes

Castor Oil

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I discovered this amazing pure product couple months ago. I always research for information and I came across castor oil. I thought the benefits of using it were very impressive.  Which one of you girls want to have fuller, longer lushes without paying lots of money or wearing something ‘fake’. Or which one of you want to have strong, long nails? Or a fuller eyebrow? Some of you reading this must be thinking it sounds amazing but not real. Actually it’s possible. Our grandmothers used this method but we forgot about it when beauty industry started pushing their more expensive products* into the market.

Castor oil has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties and is high in Vitamin E, proteins, minerals, and Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. Its unusually high ricin oleic acid ratio makes it beneficial to skin and hair.

I used castor oil couple times but I already noticed the benefits.

How to use castor oil (Make sure to use cold pressed castor oil because they tend to be pure and the natural kind.):

Fuller, longer lashes – Clean face with water and remove any traces of makeup. Take an eyeliner brush and slowly dip into the castor oil. Apply the oil carefully on you lashes. Best to do it at night before you sleep. Leave it on for the entire night. / daily

Fuller eyebrow – Do as above but apply on your eyebrow with mascara brush. / daily

Healthier, thicker hair – Warm the oil and apply on your scalp 30 mins before washing your hair or leave it on for the night. You may have to wash your hair more than once to get rid of the greasy effect. Do it twice a week for first couple week then only once a week is enough.

Castor oil has also traditionally been used topically for acne and other skin conditions, rashes and more.

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  1. simple Ula says:

    I was about to buy one for myself, but then I forgot about it, but now I will buy it for sure :). Especially if you’re saying it works for you Kasia! 😊

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