Plants based Proteins source

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I often get asked where I get my proteins from. Sometimes I’m even told that I don’t get enough because it’s not possible as I would have to eat a ton of vegetables to get a daily intake. Today my non-vegan friend who study her PT challenged me to try to get 74g of protein. I never really looked at how many I consume. This morning I started my normal breakfast with 2 tbsp. of chia seeds with almond milk, whole meal pita bread with vegetables, humus and nutritional yeast. At that moment i realized Nutritional yeast is pack in protein. One heaping tablespoon is 8g of proteins. Isn’t it amazing? After a whole day of counting my proteins I consumed about 70 g not even trying hard. I think its a bit too much. Being vegan is easy, healthy and just feels right.

I did some researches and created a little list of products high in protein:

Nutritional Yeast 100g contain 51g of protein


Whole meal pita bread 1 slice 6g  of protein

Hummus ymmy 100g: 8g of protein

Red lentils 100g: 6.8g of protein

Quinoa 100g: 4g of protein

Tinned chickpeas (garbanzo) 100g: 6.3g of protein

Tinned kidney beans 100g: 6.6g of protein

Firm tofu 100g: 12g of protein

Silken tofu 100g: 8.1g of protein

Raw walnuts 25g: 4g of protein

Raw almonds 25g: 6g of protein

Raw brazil nuts25g: 3.6g of protein

Raw cashew nuts 25g: 5g of protein

Peanut butter 1Tbs: 6g of protein

Sunflower seeds 25g: 6.7g of protein

Hemp seed 3 tbsp: 10g protein

Raw Pumpkin seeds 25g: 6.1g of protein

Whole, Raw Oats 100g: 2g of protein


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