What do you value the most in a relationship?


Recently, I spoke to my friends about their relationship and their point of view. I’ve noticed that we all have different needs, which in my opinion is normal but some of my friends think there’re rules that need to be applied in every relationship.


I want to say what I value in relationship the most:




TRUST – If you and your partner don’t trust each other there is always going to be an issue and you probably won’t be happy living with your partner that way. It’s very toxic and exhausting. Most of the time with lack of trust jealousy comes which is a big NO for me. Trust your partner and make sure he trusts you too. If you fail and for some reason he doesn’t trust you, fix it ASAP. Otherwise it’s not going to work on a long period.

HONESTY – I’m so grateful I met guy in my life that I can be fully honest with. If you got something to hide because you scared to tell your man about it, think twice. Do you want to live your life with man you’re scared of? And, do you want to share life together with your little secrets? My man is my friend. He is mine everything :).

LOYALTY – YES YES YES my partner needs to be loyal to me (and he is) because I’m loyal too. I always got his back. I keep his needs above all others, because he is the man I want to spend rest of my life with and create family.

And one more at the end…..

We all need to accept reality. There’re so many attractive people, and they’ll always be there. being in relationship doesn’t suddenly make the rest of the world ugly, uninteresting or unintelligent. Know this and know that you’re making a conscious choice to be with your man. This makes it easier to avoid temptation.


Have a lovely weekend with your loved ones 🙂






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