Smoking points of cooking oils

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I used to hear that olive oil is healthy so I was using it for frying, baking etc. What I didn’t know is that it’s healthy but for salads and dressing (cold). I’ve learnt so much during my health journey. In today’s world, it’s difficult to stay on truck with what’s healthy and what’s not. There’re hundreds of researches and studies done every month. I always try to stay on top of the game. Today I’d like to share the information I’ve collected on oils.

Oil Type Smoke point
Avocado oil 271°C
Safflower oil Refined 266°C
Canola oil Expeller Press 240°C
Canola oil Refined 240°C
Coconut oil Refined 232°C
Peanut oil Refined 232°C
Sesame oil Semi-refined 232°C
Sunflower oil Refined 232°C
Hazelnut oil 221°C
Olive oil Virgin 216°C
Grapeseed oil 216°C
Almond oil 216°C
Walnut oil Semi-refined 204°C
Olive oil Extra Virgin 191°C
Coconut oil Unrefined 177°C
Sesame oil Unrefined 177°C
Hemp seed oil 165°C
Sunflower oil, high oleic Unrefined 160°C
Walnut oil Unrefined 160°C
Flaxseed oil Unrefined 107°C
Safflower oil Unrefined 107°C
Sunflower oil Unrefined 107°C


In my house, you can find healthy oils like: coconut, flaxseed, olive, avocado and lots of others when I see a good deal J . I use them for different purposes. But remember, for high temperature cooking, select oils with a high smoke point. My favourite one is avocado oil J. For salad dressings or any other cold dishes, chose oils with a higher Omega-3 fatty acids (flaxseed oil), since they promote healthy cells and decrease stroke and heart attack risk.

Also, remember to buy organic, cold- pressed whenever possible.



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