Vienna – The city of dreams <3

      18th December 2017 on a Monday I came home from work very excited, as I was about to start what I love doing the most, cooking. I went to my bedroom to put more comfortable clothes on and as I stripped top of my body and put my jumper on I felt discomfort and pain. My ‘melons’ were so sensitive that I couldn’t bear wearing just jumper so I had to put a bra back on. It made me think ”what is going on, am I pregnant”? I tried to get this idea out of my head but it bothered me a lot. Few hours later when I went to the toilet I did a test (luckily I had some at home already). Guess what the result was? Positive. I became shaky, it’s not something me and my partner planned, however we knew this could possibly happen at some point. For anyone who reads it and wonders, I didn’t use any anti-conception because I’m against chemicals in any form. “Well, so it happened”, I thought. I could only blame myself. I was terrified. I had plans, I had dreams and I resigned from my job about a week before. But my biggest worry was how would my boyfriend react to these news. I texted him and asked him to come to mine the same evening.



My boyfriend arrived after I already went through the first stage which was shock. By the time he came, I was excited and happy that we were going to be parents and deep inside I knew he would be happy too. The timing wasn’t right for both of us but it’s never right. Life likes dropping random things or challenges along the way, when we expect it the least. Me and my handsome babes sat down on my bed and he already knew what I was about to say. He was shocked as I was at the beginning but then we were happily cuddling and talking about our baby and exciting future. I’m telling you guys, I could not ask for a better man in my life. He is everything I have always wanted to have. I’m so lucky to have him as father of our baby.

       My baby was conceived during our stay in Austria, Vienna where we went, so my partner could meet my mum. And later on we decided to call her Vienna. Vienna is beautiful, unique and precious in the eyes of many. Magical things happen to her when she sleeps, which derives from her name meaning she will be big achiever and big dreamer…..
14 weeks pregnant
Vienna was born at home if you want to read the story stay tuned. I’ll post the rest soon.
Love, Kasia !!!!

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