”Why I Opted ‘OUT’ From Ultrasounds!”

In this day and age, ultrasounds are so normal that the majority of women get them performed on their baby without even thinking. 

“Could this negatively affect our babies?!! Hmm…! 

I wouldn’t have thought so!”

Lucky for me, I came across another person’s Instagram profile. She had said that ultrasounds are not safe. Straight away, it made so much sense to me and I began my research.

Most webpages online such as the NHS, will tell you that they are safe.

Questions immediately ran through my mind such as:

“But how do we know this for sure? Have we ever studied this ourselves?”

I’m not going to put any studies here, but if you’re a woman reading this blog, I would highly advise you to conduct your own research and really take time to think for yourself.

Women have been giving birth for thousands of years, and before we NEVER had scans. 
My mum didn’t have a single scan on all THREE of us (other siblings). 

We are WOMEN who were created to give birth!

This process is so natural, that I didn’t feel the need for someone to tell me the health of my baby, it’s size etc. 

Pregnancy happens inside our bodies, so I thought:

‘’Why would I choose to listen to outside sources 
such as doctors (scans etc) over myself!’’.

I have been consuming a very healthy diet, long before I got pregnant. I felt very good physically and mentally. I knew I could do it!

Doctors or Midwives (in my case), can be very disempowering. You can genuinely feel really down and hopeless if you do not educate yourself enough.

I remember my midwife not liking the fact that I declined scans. So, she began by telling me that my baby (in my belly) is not growing, according to the fetal growth chart, which focuses on genetics (e.g. nationality, age, weight etc).

She then said, that scans are normally recommended within 72 hours.

First of all, ultrasounds are extremely inaccurate when determining measurements!

Secondly, what is this chart based on!? ‘A woman around my age and weight who lived in the area where I originate from?!’

‘How many of them were eating a plant-based diet and living an active lifestyle?’ I was questioning this constantly. 
The more I thought about it, the more positive I felt about the decision me and my partner had made. 

At 2 of these appointments (which happened every 2 weeks), the midwife was more and more trying to pressure us in to having scans, threatening again that the baby is not growing, mentioning numerous scary scenarios (such as still birth). I highly trusted my intuition, and I knew my baby is absolutely fine.

My midwife also mentioned that my platelets had dropped and were now low, she then said if it didn’t pick up, I would be unable to have a home birth!

Just so you know, my platelets count at the time was 149. However, 150 is considered the norm and anything below 100 is considered a serious issue. She told me I would have to attend the clinic to speak with a doctor.

On the next appointment, the midwife decided to take my blood again. I found out I would be receiving these results in the clinic. In between the period of having low platelets, and my next blood test (2 weeks), I consumed a number of fresh juices with moringa powder daily to increase my platelets.

The two weeks came round, and I headed to the clinic to get my blood results. I was so confident that my platelets had increased, I was excited to hear how many it had gone up by.

But something very strange happened? Guess what?! Instead of seeing a doctor, I instead was seen by the main clinic owner.

As she spoke, I looked forward to her mentioning my results. But then, the more she spoke, I soon realised she had not mentioned any blood tests I had previously done. All she seemed to focus on was my reasoning for declining my baby being scanned. There was no aggression, no force whatsoever, just a relaxed conversation where she actually understood my reasons. I did mention my blood test, and she began to check. She mentioned that my results were good, and as expected, my platelets went up (157).

I was furious! So furious that they felt the need to put unnecessary fear in me. But I was equally glad that I had listened to my gut, and I was courageous enough to do what was right for me!

I also want to mention that my midwife did not stop there. She went on to scare me with the ‘possibility’ of having placenta previa. It’s so rare, and most women who have placenta previa bleed during pregnancy, I didn’t.

So… 9 months past and I haven’t had a single scan or Doppler. 
‘Dopplers’ are even worse, and you can now purchase them on eBay and use them at home. 

“Why would you do that?”

“Why would you blast high frequency sound waves into an aquarium environment through water?”

Instead, just talk to your baby! Do your daily affirmations, pray and look after yourself.
Pregnancy is a mysterious process that varies for each woman. 

No charts, no human or machine can tell me what’s going on in my body! I truly believed that my baby was fine, and if I could avoid any scans, I would be doing her a huge favour.

Please, think twice before you excite yourself with thoughts about a picture of a baby inside you!

And if you do decide to have a scan, make it quick and use only the best of the best. 


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Stay in peace ✌️ !!!!

*Please note that this is just my personal opinion. I DO NOT take any responsibility for any of your actions. 


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