Best juice ever 🍎🍐🍠

This quick and easy recipe makes one of the best juices I’ve ever tried!

All you need is:

1 Apple 🍎

1 Pear 🍐

1/2 Sweet Potato 🍠

1tbs Ground Cinnamon

Now to the fun part, making this all come together!

Juice apple, pear and sweet potato and sprinkle the cinnamon on after juicing for a wonderful warming spice.

This juice is packed with vitamins C and E and include cancer fighting phytonutrients.

It boosts your immunity and heals the body.

It’s so tasty that you should add this to your juice recipe book now.


Hope to hear your feedback. Let me know if enjoyed this juice.

Please like, comment and share.

Btw it’s my birthday 🎂 today. I’ve received some amazing gifts 🎁. I’ll write new post about my meaningful gifts tomorrow, so please stay in touch!

Much love,


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