Citrine Quartz Glass Water Bottle – ‘Healing Properties’

Citrine is a beautiful, golden, yellowish calming stone. It’s said that it is the crystal of abundance and manifestation. It encourages a fullness of life, new pursuit and new beginnings. It’s used to attract all things good such as wealth and prosperity.
Its frequency awakens and increases imagination and creativity. It also encourages generosity and sharing.
It can help with weight loss as citrine has the ability to increase mindfulness of the body and recognition of internal hunger cues.
Soaking a citrine in pure water renders an elixir, which is reported to:
– Release toxins from the body
– Assist with eye problems
– Increase blood circulation
– Activate the thymus
– Relieves constipation
– Enhances the passage of electrical impulses within the nervous system
– Helps with PMS and cramps
– Aids in removing cellulite
– Aids in urinary, kidney, and digestive diseases
– Aids in menopausal symptoms
I’m very lucky to own a glass water bottle with this crystal. I haven’t had the time to use it continuously for a long periods of time as I have been away on holiday.
BeWater Joy-Abundance-Glass.jpg
However, I highly believe in the power of stones and crystals.
Do you believe it too?
I would love to hear your opinion.
If you already drink crystal charged water, please share your experience below.
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Lots of love,
FYI – My bottle comes from BEWATER

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