Dehydrated Kale Crisps

I have had my dehydrator for over a year now, but I have rarely taken advantage of this amazing kitchen equipment until not long ago.
I recently became a big fan of kale chips. If I’m in a rush, I make them in the oven. However, when I’m not in a rush to eat them, I use my food dehydrator. 
Kale crisps come out tasty and crunchy. I’m so in love with them! 
Do you want to know how I make them? 
It’s pretty easy! You only need a few ingredients. Here is the secret below:
This is how I made it but you’re welcome to experiment!
– Kale – 1 pack 
– Cashew nuts – 1 handful
– Nutritional yeast – about 2 tablespoons 
– Water – half a glass
– Salt 
– Cajun pepper
– Garlic powder 
1. Wash your kale and leave them to dry for a bit. 
2. In the meantime combine all ingredients in a food processor. I use my Vitamix to do it. If you don’t have a high powered blender, make sure you soak the nuts in water for at least a few hours before making it. 
3. Blend until smooth and creamy. If it’s too thick, add more water and if it’s too watery add more nuts. 
4. Once the cream is ready, transfer kale in to a big bowl and pour the cream over it. Mix it very well. I use my hands for this part. It’s important the cream fully covers the leaves. 
5. Line on the tray, and transfer into the food dehydrator.  Set up the food dehydrator to 70 degrees for 15 hours. Turn it on.
Now you have to be patient, very patient!
Check your kale chips after 15 hours to see if they are dry and crispy. If they are, they are ready. Enjoy!!!!! 
Did you enjoy this recipe? Please leave your feedback in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. 
If you have other healthy and delicious recipes please share in comments below.
Have a lovely evening people.


6 Comments Add yours

    1. Gorakas says:

      Thank you 😊. Have you ever tried kale 🥬 crisps ?


  1. simple Ula says:

    Love it! ☺ 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gorakas says:

      They are amazing, my favourite.


    2. Leanne says:

      I’ve tried to make kale chips before but they came out all shrivalled never thought to coat them. Looking firward to trying the recipe! Xxx


      1. Gorakas says:

        I once visited vegan raw restaurant in Italy. They had kale 🥬 chips on the menu. I had to try obviously and that gave me an idea to make my own version ❤️. If you try let me know if you liked them 😁


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