I Used The Dream To Find My Answer 

Let me start my latest blog by asking you all a question:
How many of you ladies waited 40 weeks to find out the sex of your baby?
Well, when I was pregnant I came across many couples who decided to wait until birth to find out if they would have a son or a daughter.
In our case, my boyfriend knew from the beginning. The day I told him I was pregnant, he told me it was a girl.
I wasn’t sure, however deep inside I wanted to have a little me. As the time was passing by and my belly began to grow, people in quite an excited fashion began guessing the sex of my baby.
Some said they thought it was a girl (I enjoyed these haha), others said they thought we had a boy (I didn’t enjoy these as much, haha).
I read somewhere that if we ask a question we will get a sign from the universe, God, the higher power, the creator etc. (call it however you want it), so I decided to ask.
The best thing is to ask at night before bed because in that case your answer can come in the form of a dream.
A few nights passed and absolutely nothing. I had no dream that could potentially answer such a question.
However, I knew I needed to be patient because the answer was coming. I was right! On this occasion I had a weird dream. There was a car accident which I was involved in. In the other car there was this man with his daughter. The little girl was beautiful she had curly hair and she was about 6 years old. She had a book in her hands and she spoke very good English. The words she was using were very sophisticated and posh. Some of the words I had never heard before.
However, continuing my dream, the collision wasn’t serious. No one was harmed. However, the man, I assumed it was the father of the girl, asked me to take good care of her. It was if he was dying (but he wasn’t). I then woke up.
I woke up knowing that the baby I was carrying was my daughter. I knew she would be smart, intelligent and beautiful.
Have you ever tried to ask question and look for the answer in your dreams?
If you don’t know how to do it, have a go using the link here. I found it and thought it would be very useful for those who want to try.
I’m going to go now, but my final ask to you all is to please don’t leave without showing some love!
Also, if you want to read why I opt out from scans, check my blog here.
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Stay blessed,

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