Vegan Food Adventure in Barcelona!🌱

On Tuesday, my family and I took a short break to Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸. As a vegan couple (Vivi is still being breastfed), we had to be a little more creative with our food choices.
Before we left, I decided to buy a travel-sized blender which was perfect, as we were able to start the day right; not worrying about looking around for vegan options.
Funny enough, finding vegan options in Barcelona wasn’t that difficult. It’s not a bad place for vegans. We found loads of good places online, but we couldn’t squeeze in the time to check them all out. So, we seized the opportunity to be more spontaneous with our foodie decisions.
Take a look below to see what we ate while we were out in Barcelona.
SMUDY – I had a lovely Vitaminic juice, while my partner opted for a Ponte Morao smoothie. One word: Delicious! The juice I had was very refreshing; exactly what I needed after a long flight.


LA BURGUESA – As we were hungry after slurping our juices, we had noticed a spot for burgers 🍔. While talking to the lovely lady at the front desk, she advises us to have the vegan burger, made with quinoa, and finish off with chips. While it was really nice, it is probably something I wouldn’t have again, as I would prefer something a little bit healthier.

Eating burger outside by palm trees.

Apologies on the quality of the picture, my hunger took over on this occasion! 😃


XAVIER PELLICER ‘healthy kitchen’ – This restaurant was a surprise! It wasn’t a vegetarian/vegan spot, but if you happen to be in Barcelona, I would highly recommend this place.
We had ‘La Bola’ olives; beetroot, tomato, grape gazpacho and purée; grated cauliflower, smoked with olive oil.


VEGAN BOWLS – This place is a MUST for the ultimate naughty vegan who likes a sweet treat! We got a bit carried away, and we kind of bought a lot of things.


VAPIANO – This place may not have had many vegan options, but their pizza base is vegan and you could just ask for no cheese. The pizza we had was amazing!


VEGGIE GARDEN – They have the best ever lemonade and mint drink I have ever tasted!
We have ordered platter to share to find out what is included in the platter see the picture below. We ended our meal with ‘cake of the day’, which you can also see on the picture below.

To sum up my trip, the company was great and the food we eat was DELICIOUS. To see more of what we got up to while we stayed in Barcelona, come back in a few days to check my blog out.

Have you ever been to Barcelona? What food spots would you recommend?


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Peace and Love,






5 Comments Add yours

    1. Gorakas says:

      Thank you 😊


  1. Naked Tofu says:

    I’ve been one time to Barcelona, but it was long time ago and I wasn’t even vegan at that time! I will keep in mind you suggestions, for my next trip, that I will hopefully plan this year! I usually travel with omni friends that are really supportive and open-minded, but I don’t ant to be a preachy vegan and just take them to all-vegan restaurants 😛


    1. Gorakas says:

      I think these days it’s not so difficult anymore as many places have vegan options. You’re lucky 🍀 to have such a good friends 😁. Even though they are not vegan, if you like sweet treats vegan bowl is a must. The cookie I had and the doughnut was delicious 😋.
      Have a lovely day xxx

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