Breastfeeding tips 🤱

I didn’t know what to expect once I started breastfeeding. I had friends who offered advice, however everyone is different and everyone’s journey is also different.

In my case, the beginning was terrible. I was in pain and I felt like crying every time she latched.

I hear a lot from professionals that breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt. But is it really true? Maybe our nipples just need to get used to the sucking motion?!

I don’t know, but it seems whoever I speak to, they say their journey was painful. Does it mean we all do something wrong? Did it hurt you? If not, I’m telling you that you are one lucky lady!

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There were a few things that got me through.

You can find the tips below:

*Stay patient – I spent the first few weeks at home on my sofa constantly feeding my baby! The first 3 months are very important. The more you feed, the more milk you will have and I didn’t consider using formula at all.

*Have support – Whoever it is you will need; someone to tell you that everything will be OK and someone to look after you while you are stuck on the sofa with your little one literally feels like the best thing ever! 😁

*Don’t stress – Stress can affect your milk supply (read more here). If you have any stressful situations in your life, don’t think about it. Focus on your baby! If you can fix the problem, do it and the stress goes away. If you can’t fix it, then it’s not worth the worry, as there is nothing you can do anyway. So stay positive!!!! Your baby needs you!

*Drink plenty of water

*Rest as much as possible – Sleep when your baby sleeps!

*Eat healthy – Lots of fruits and veggies

*Be strong – As breastfeeding can be painful, don’t give up! It will get better! You got this mama!!!!

*Use coconut oil on your painful nipples – It’s 100% safe for babies and free of nasty chemicals! Whatever you will put on your nipples your baby will eat it. Your breast milk is probably as good or even better.

*Hot shower massage – Jump in the shower and relax!

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*Warm breast compress – It feels good to put a hot water bottle on a tender breast :).

*Aloe Vera – I proudly own an Aloe Vera plant and it was very helpful. I rip it off the plant, cut it open and place on my nipples between feeds. It has a cooling effect that is truly irresistible, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

*Visualise – If you focus your whole attention on the pain you experience during feeding you will feel the pain even more. Instead, just focus on your milk flow. Imagine it is a golden liquid and it travels to your baby’s system making your baby healthy, smart and happy. Trust me, the more positive imagines you have in your head, the less you will think about pain. And it can slowly make it disappear.

*Educate yourself – The more you know the easier it becomes. If you want to find out what books I read to prepare myself for pregnancy and breastfeeding click here.

It’s been over seven months since I started my breastfeeding journey. We’ve enjoyed it a lot.

It’s like a medicine, as it simply works for everything.

It’s comfort, it’s a pain killer, it’s food, it’s drink!

We just love it and we enjoy every moment of it!


How was your breastfeeding journey ? What tips do you have for new mums?


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