Santorini With a Baby… To Go Or Not To Go?!

After a 3 1/2 hour flight from Gatwick, we finally arrived in Santorini in the evening.
We had a taxi transfer booked, so on arrival someone was waiting for us already.
We had used a company called WelcomePickups, that I would highly recommend. It may have cost us 35 euros, but check this, while taking a bus works out much cheaper, at night buses do not run at all.
When we got to the hotel Aressana, we were warmly welcomed with wet towels to refresh our mind, a glass of lemon and mint water to cleanse the body and soul. We had only been at the hotel a matter of minutes, and already I felt really good about our stay.
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It was my boyfriend’s birthday, and the universe almost suddenly handed us our next surprise. While we were taken to our room, we were told by the hotel manager that we were being upgraded from a premium triple room to a junior family suite with a shared swimming pool.
In excitement, my boyfriend couldn’t contain how happy he was with his birthday gift.
The hotel was incredible, perfect for staying with a baby. To chill at the hotel by the pool would be so ideal, but we as a family had so much to do in Santorini.


First things first, one small piece of advice I would give to all my young budding Mums, is whatever you do, at all costs avoid using a push chair in Thira. Simply because the roads are very uneven and your little one will endure a very bumpy ride.
We took a baby carrier with us and we used it for the duration of our stay.
We wanted to venture from Thira to Prophet Elias Monastery. We unfortunately didn’t reach our destination as the walk was too dangerous with a baby.
We weren’t disappointed by this, as the views on the way were breathtaking.
My next piece of advice is if you travel with a baby or without, rent a car. You won’t regret it! There is so much to see and the island isn’t that big.
We drove to Oia on Friday evening, and enjoyed a nice walk along the village.

On Saturday afternoon, we drove to the Red Beach. The Red Beach is beautiful, and it is so worth investing some time to go there.

While highlighting that we stayed at a great hotel; and visited a number of great places;
It’s important to note, that we hadn’t spent much money either!


Breakfast was already included, and it was amazing. We are a vegan family and we were spoiled for choice when it came to food.

From fresh fruit, to salads we indulged in a healthy and exquisite menu.


While our trips to the village we seized the opportunity to enjoy vegan falafels, burgers and pizzas.


I fell in love with the people, their optimistic spirit and their abundance of joy and energy. I had so much fun having Vienna with us. She especially made our stay truly special. We met so many people because of her.

We hadn’t really met other families with babies, I’m guessing it’s not the most popular destination for little ones, but we broke that tradition and would advise you to do the same!



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