Amazing Raw Carrot Cake!!


The cake is raw and although it doesn’t contain artificial sugar, is still sweet and guilt free 😁. What an amazing era we live in. We can eat healthy cakes 🎂 made of veggies and fruits without added processed flour and sugars 😁.
I slightly had to change the recipe here, because firstly, it was way to much of icing on Kristina’s app, and secondly, I didn’t have all the ingredients! *
I’m sure you can’t you wait to see what it is made of. Here are the ingredients:

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Carrot cake base
– 1050 grams carrot pulp 🥕
– 700 grams dried mulberries
– 175 grams raisins
– 350 grams pitted dates
– 1 tsp ginger powder*
– 2 tbsp vanilla extract*
Vanilla Icing
– 700 grams cashews*
– About 480 ml coconut water 🥥*
– 250 grams pitted dates*
– 2 lemons’ juice 🍋*
– 1 pinch cinnamon
– 1 tbsp vanilla extract*
– 5 ml rose water

Carrot cake
1. Pulse all the ingredients for carrot cake in your food processor. Process this until it takes on a consistency of a cake.
2. Layer this base into your cake pan and press down using your hand.
3. Add a layer of the vanilla icing in the middle and then press on top another layer of carrot cake base.
1. In your Vitamix blender or high power blender of your choice blend all of your icing ingredients until smooth and creamy.
2. Layer your icing on top of your carrot filling, then a layer of carrot cake, and another layer of icing.
3. Ice the sides.
4. Put the cake into freezer until solidifies and then enjoy!



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