30 Days Challenge – Started 22nd July

After 9 months of pregnancy and 11 months of motherhood, I’m still 12 kilos heavier than what i was previously!

I’m kind of fed up with being this way, I want to look and feel good again, wearing all the cute clothes that are available out there. 

So… I decided to change a few things in my life after recently being inspired by a few people. 

The first change I’m going to make which is the probably the most obvious and at times the most difficult…I’m going to make healthier choices! More fresh produce and less processed, fake food. I’m also planning to include more herbal teas in my life. Herbal teas have so many benefits! If you want to find out more about which herbs to pick I highly recommend this book: ‘Complete Herb List Guide’ by Paul Otote

I’ve already been doing intermittent fasting from 6pm to 10am but I will try to stretch it to 12 if I can 😁.

 I’m also getting a food and workout plan from a vegan PT 🌱. As I am a mother of 11 months, I can’t really join the gym so I’m going to work out at home, preferably in the morning. On top of that as most of you know I’m still breastfeeding on demand, so I’m not allowed any type of detoxes, even though I feel like I really need one!

I’m starting my 30 days challenge from tomorrow. If any of you would like to join me, please comment and follow me on social media so we can all support each other.
I’ll try to post daily about my progress! 😁

Love you all 😘


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