Day 1 – My New Health Adventure

Day 1!!! 

What a great day I had today!

I worked out in the morning, while my other half looked after our daughter. That’s the deal we currently have 😁 and I love it!

Does your partner help you with achieving your goals too? 

My partner also decided to do intermittent fasting with me from 6pm to 12 pm. 
Today we broke our fast with a lovely smoothie bowl with nuts and fruits.

smoothie bowl

Later on we had stir fry and after 5pm we ate some papaya boats 😁.

We also drank lots of teas and water. My favourite tea at the moment is sea moss, not because its tasty, but because it contain lots of essential minerals.

I have really enjoyed today, and I have noticed when I drink lots of liquids in the morning, I don’t really feel hungry. So breaking my fast at 12 is not as difficult as I thought it would be.

Mentally I’m feeling good and strong.

Just to mention we finished our day with walk and we also managed 10000 steps today :).

But that’s it for tonight!

I’m off to bed to get some good rest and start again tomorrow 😁.

Hope your day was as proactive as mine 🙂

Much love,


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