Day 2 – Health Journey

What a great day!

I hope you guys feel as good as I do.

I didn’t workout in the morning, and I didn’t walk 10000 steps either!

However, the weather was so hot, I instead chose to indulge in quality time with Vienna in the pool in the back garden. And what’s better than enjoying precious time with your best friend 😁.

Today, just as I did yesterday I had lots of herbal teas and ate lots of fresh fruits.

When the sun ☀️ is out, I just want to eat fresh, juicy fruits 🍇. I only have a picture of my breakfast which was a smoothie bowl with shredded coconut 🥥, Brazil nuts and homemade granola made from spelt flakes 😁.

Smoothie bowl

I’m now off to bed, but tomorrow I need to make sure I get my daily workout in the morning, or else I will become lazy and find hundreds of excuses not to do so 🤣.

Am I the only one who does that?

Anyway have a good night and speak to you all tomorrow!!!

Much love,


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