Day 4 – Still Going Strong!

OMG today was HOT!!!! 37 degrees outside! I was baking haha!

Day 4 went really well. I woke up this morning to find out that it was that time of the month and I felt a bit unwell so I didn’t workout. That’s 2 days now that I have skipped this week already. Do I feel bad? Hell no! It was so hot that I sweated some of the excess fat anyway! :).

I’m getting to enjoy my intermittent fasting and eating lots of fruits and unprocessed food. I only just realised today that I haven’t been craving sweet things like chocolate, cookies and cakes since Monday :).

Papaya Boats
My breakfast today! Papaya boats are getting addictive 🙂

I want to introduce daily meditation into my routine also. I meditate when I get the chance but I should make it a must everyday and not look for excuses like a lack of time. Typical excuses for mums! Am I right?

We always say we don’t have time because of our children… ‘But mine is different!’ – I often hear.

The truth is, we do things that are important for us and if you make exercises and meditation your no.1 priority, you will get them done. Ask your partner or spouse for help! Maybe you could work out a routine that would work for both of you!

I have my routine for working out, I just need to stick daily meditation in there somewhere.

Anyway, that’s enough from me for today. I’m going to get some beauty sleep! Sweet dreams my dear readers!



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