Day 5 – Fruit Combination Discovery

This morning definitely wasn’t the easiest!

My little one woke me up after over 6 hours sleep 💤, which was not enough for me.
However, I collected my energy and worked out this morning. 
I had already missed 2 days this week so I couldn’t allow myself any more rest days. 

I felt so hungry in the morning after the workout, but thankfully I had made plans to leave the house for a walk. 
Once I had left the house at 11am, the hunger I  was experiencing, had suddenly disappeared. 

I had breakfast out in town after 12pm. My sisters went to Pret A Manger.
I would normally eat the amazing dark chocolate cookie which is Vegan 🌱, but this time I opted for yoghurt and I wasn’t disappointed. It was delicious! Mango 🥭 and coconut 🥥 just works beautifully together!

I think this was the best thing out of today! I actually discovered a new food combination, and I didn’t waste any time to try and make it at home as my last meal 🙈.
It wasn’t as good but I’ll keep trying!

The whole day passed, and it was quite an active one! We did almost 12000 steps and an additional abs workout after the walk. 

I feel good and my stomach feels good. Not too heavy and bloated 😁. 

Tomorrow however, may be even more challenging as we are having a day out in London. 
Lots of tempting vegan food everywhere, but I’m planning to stay strong and choose healthier options. 

Btw here is a picture of my mango 🥭 and coconut 🥥 yoghurt! Yum!

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Have a lovely night,


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