Day 7 – Blessed to Have Family!

It’s Day 7 of my intermittent fasting and mindful eating!

A whole week without a sweet treat and I feel good! My body just doesn’t crave it! I have a smoothie or fruits for breakfast daily and it helps me get over any indulgent thoughts.

Today, once again, I feel like I didn’t eat that much, but I’m totally happy about it!
I’m not planning to starve myself in order to lose weight, but the idea is to not eat often, and believe me intermittent fasting is now my lifestyle, forever!

That’s right! The best and ideal situation would be eat once a day, and get rid of food addiction completely.

Today I had a smoothie for breakfast, to go with a juicy papaya boat!

Later on, we ate dinner at my partners’s parents house. His mum always look after us so well. She made fried rice with lots of salad 🥗.

Fried Rice

I’m blessed with people around me who always look after me!
Just want to use this moment to say how grateful I am for my life and everything I have in it!

Feeling incredibly blessed!

Well, I’m off too bed now as my eyes are shutting writing this!

I wonder what’s in store for tomorrow!

Love you guys!

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