Day 8 – Losing weight is better than gaining!

This morning, I decided to weigh myself. I’ve dropped 1.3kg which I think is not a lot, however this is better than nothing. 
And to be honest with you, my partner made me realise that, as I was slightly upset at first. 
If I keep dropping 1kg a week it wouldn’t be so bad. I also feel like I’m having more energy so I can increase the intensity of my work outs :).

I’m also planning to focus more on my liquid intake this week. The minimum is 3 litres a day. Ideally I should be drinking more as I’m still breastfeeding 🤱 and honestly right now I don’t know if I’m drinking enough.

I also noticed that if I keep myself busy I end up eating 2 meals a day. One at 12 pm and one before 6pm. 

Today I went for a walk with my sister and Vienna of course. We did over 10000 steps.

Vivi is enjoying walking with her aunties and here is a quick video of all of them!


I’m off to bed guys. Thank you for reading. I’ll be back tomorrow 😘

Much love,

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