Day 10 – What an Amazing Day!


Everything is going well so far. Life is GOOD!!!!

I woke up this morning to do 35 minutes of yoga, as I’m doing a 1 week chakra yoga challenge as mentioned yesterday.

I felt alive and awake, and as I have my sisters with me, I thought I would use their presence to do more workouts!

Later on this morning, I did another 30 minutes legs and cardio workout. Damn it was good!! On top of that I did 20 minutes abs workout in the evening with my partner.

I also have to mention that I walked over 10000 steps today! That’s my third day in a row! OMG I love it, I enjoy it and I am super proud of myself!

I’m so blessed to be surrounded by people who make it possible for me.

Also, today was a special day as I/We had lots of good news.

Vivi performed her first steps. Eeeeek!

My little baby is growing, and soon she will be independent walking by herself. My heart is crying, out of happiness. I’m a super duper proud mumma! I want the best for my daughter, hence I need to improve myself too :).

How many mums are reading this now? If you are a mum or you are expecting, comment below.

Have a good night everyone!

Love and Peace,


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