Day 11 – There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel!


‘After the storm, the sun ☀ always comes up’, and the other way around.Today wasn’t the easiest day! 

I woke up late, as for the first time Vivi slept longer and I just wanted to enjoy my bed! 
I didn’t workout in the morning as I had to work a few hours before I left the house in the afternoon.

When I came home, I did yoga and a 20 minutes glutes workout 🏋‍♀. 

My food intake hasn’t been bad recently! 
I don’t have much time to cook so I pick quick options like smoothies in the morning and raw veggies in the evening with falafels or homemade burgers.

I’ve been drinking herbal teas and also I started adding drops of essential oil into my water.

Recently I’ve really enjoyed spearmint essential oil. It has so many great benefits.

Some of these are: 
– Its good for digestion
– It’s high in antioxidants
– It may improve memory 🙂
“This is especially helpful after having a baby! 😁”
– Fights bacteria infections.

This is just a few of many! It can help uplift your mood too! 

So why don’t you try some spearmint oil or tea? 

Anyway, as always it’s late and time for bed for me :). 

Have a lovely night guys!

Love and Peace,


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