Day 14 – Sunday Funday

Hey guys! 👋🏼

I apologise for not writing anything yesterday! I had a hectic day, I then went out with my sisters and came home quite late.


Yes I was out! It was the first time in a long time! And it felt nice to just do me for a bit :)!

But anyway yesterday was yesterday and today is a new day!

Even though I was tired this morning, I woke up early and worked out. The exercise was quite intense but I loved it ❤!
After a couple of glasses of wine the night before, I felt very weak and hungry after working out, so I decided to break my fast at 10am today! 

I know… I’m not happy about that either,  but it’s the end of the week, and next week starting from tomorrow, I’m going to be a good girl again!

Apart from eating earlier, I had an amazing day with my family and friends!
We went to the playground with Vivi and she loved it! Here are a few pictures and videos from today!

How did you spend your Sunday? Did you do anything special? Let me know in the comments below!

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Have a good night! 😘

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