Day 16 – It’s Been A Tough Week!

Guys I’m not going to lie, this week isn’t one of my strongest!

Last night Vienna woke up at 3 am and she decided to play for a few hours.

I eventually had to ask Daddy to step in, and he put her back to bed in just 15 mins! How the hell does he do it!???

I didn’t get proper sleep, and I’m so miserable when I don’t sleep enough haha!

I didn’t work out today because I had a very busy day, and I had to work for a few hours this evening!

I literally just got home!

However, I went to the city earlier today and that contributed to my step count which eclipsed 15000 steps :).

It’s late and I’m still not ready to sleep as Vivi seems quite awake so who knows how I will sleep tonight.

Daddy, I may need your magic touch again!

Wish you all good night!

Much love,


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