Smooth Teething Secret :)

cute baby

My one year old girl has been vegan since the day she was conceived. 

She is still 80% breastfed on demand, and we co-sleep. 

We don’t have any routine for her, and whenever she wants to be held, we hold her!

When we give her food, we only give her healthy food like fruits 99% of the time and more veggies. 

We also play her calming music and daily affirmations! The music we play could be Mozart, binaural beats, or earth vibration music. 

I’m telling you this, because I think what we do has a big impact on her teething.

Yes you heard me right! 

She recently had 4 teeth come out at once and we had no issues with her whatsoever!!!

People tell me that we are lucky 🍀 but are we really lucky? Or is it the lifestyle we have chosen for Vivi?

My clever sister has mentioned that she hasn’t experienced any pains as she is very calm and relaxed. It makes so much sense!

Did you know that scientists have proven that music can help reduce pain? A relaxed state of body and mind can help to reduce pain too.

Happy baby

Do you think we are lucky 🍀? Or do you agree with my opinion that the music we play to her, the things we do, and the food we give her has helped with her teething? 

I want to mention that we never used anything apart from an amber anklet, but she hasn’t worn it recently for a while before her teeth came out.

Let me know your thoughts in comments below!!!


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