Vevolution Festival 16th November 2019

This year, the festival was pretty unique and special. We ended up volunteering as a social media team. Let me quickly explain how!

Damien the CEO of Vevolution asked on Facebook if anyone would be able to help them with social media. I saw it and decided to message him expressing my interest, and that my sister also wanted to help. I didn’t think much of it. I thought I would have to do a few posts/stories on my Instagram etc.

When we arrived, we met up with Jenny who was leading the social media team. She took us to the staff room and explained to us what we would have to do. Then I realised that we would actually be running the Vevolution main social account 😓.

We all had a few tasks to complete. My main task was to record a few of the talks live and take as many pictures as possible. I attended some very interesting speeches which I would have probably not picked myself.

I’ve been vegan for years, I avoid plastic and I thought I was doing a lot. But when it comes to saving our planet there is so much more to learn. One of the topics at the festival was the clothing industry and sustainability, which I never really thought about. There is lots of learning to do for me and I hope I can write a blog about it soon too. It motivated me to learn more and do more!

I next attended a parenting panel – ‘A guide to plant based parenting’, where Sara Bentley, Serena Lee, Lacainee Cooper, Bob Love and Emma Hollingsworth shared with the crowd their tips and experiences being a plant based family. What was interesting to me was how parents and kids deal with non vegan parties 🎉 . The key is to always be prepared and have amazing, vegan treats 😄.

The last talk we attended was Dominic Thompson who came all the way from Atlanta, USA. He is very inspiring as he is now a healthy vegan, kind animal rights activist and athlete. For someone who used to eat junk food and sold drugs it’s a big deal. Not to mention that he ended up in prison! But in this case it was for his good as he decided to take charge of his life when he came out.

The whole day was great! We got to know amazing people and try a variety of food, vegan of course!!!

I’m definitely going next year 😊. Firstly because I love Vevolution. Secondly because the lovely Damien and his wife are giving us free VIP tickets for next year to say thank you for our help!

Have you even been to Vevolution? Pop a comment below!

Have you never been but wanted to go? Drop a message and let’s connect 😁.

Peace and love,


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