Kids Book collection 📚 :

Vivi’s Book collection 📚 :

I love reading books and I think it’s important to read books for your kids too.
I came across so many beautiful, empowering books for kids and every time I just can’t resist to buy them!
This is just the beginning of our great collection!
If you are a conscious parent like me and looking for a great read for your little one, here are a few ideas 💡 😊.

Remember… Reading is great!!!

It relaxes the body and calms the mind!
It’s a great form of entertainment!
It helps kids develop empathy!
It develops a child’s imagination!
It improves vocabulary which leads to more highly-developed language skills!
It improves concentration!
It teaches them about the world!
It exercises the brain!

Whatever you do, make sure reading is one of them! ❤


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